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We want your stories

Everywhere we go we hear remarkable stories of inspiration, passion, joy, romance, mischief, and mission from people...
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Andrew Rekhels Comes Home to Lead Havurah

We are very excited to welcome Andrew Rekhels back to Tel Yehudah as the new Program Manager for Havurah, our...
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L'Dor VaDor: Young Judaea Through the Generations

Gila Tuchman's Young Judaea story is multi-generational. The Tuchman family is wholeheartedly Judaean and...
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From Camper to Builder

“During my first summer at Tel Yehudah, I realized for the first time that the world is bigger than me and the...
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Welcoming Mac to the TY Team!

Mac’s first experience with Young Judaea came as a counselor at a West Coast Conclave weekend retreat.  It was in...
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