Extending the Light of Hanukkah

As we enter these final days of Hannukah , we keep adding increasing amounts of light in the darkness of winter. As a difficult year ends tomorrow night, we will have the full light of the candles to guide us into 2017. Hanukkah is about possibilities and about hope. But it's also about taking action.

In just a few months, I am going back to Tel Yehudah again to work with 150 committed staff members to help inspire a new generation of young people with hope and the tools to take action in a world that still needs idealistic young people.



If you ever spent a summer at Tel Yehudah, you know what I am talking about. You have also been inspired singing Ani V'etah - "you and I WILL change the world." Check out the stirring rendition below with TY staff members, Mikaela Itkin-Weinstein and Noah Wilker (Happy Birthday Noah!!). I hope it gives you that motzei shabbat TY feeling that we can really change the world.

And as the year closes and Hanukkah comes to an end, please join me in extending the light all the way to summer in Barryville with a gift to TY:

Chag Urim Sameach and Shabbat Shalom



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