On the water

By: Tessa Kravchenko


I picked kayaking as my trip because it sounded like a fun, challenging experience during which I could talk to my friends, and meet new people, and well, learn how to kayak. The trip was at the core, just that, but also, so much more.

The first day flipped my perspective of kayaking once and for all… because I literally flipped over in my kayak. Surprisingly, it was the first true moment of bonding I witnessed and felt over the course of the trip, thanks to the help of my friends, who helped me pour the water out of my kayak, and set me back on track. Our next challenge was when mother nature took matters into her own hands. We were faced with pouring rain, which apparently wouldn’t stop us from kayaking, but once the storm grew stronger, so did the bonds between us.

We went back to our camp site- it would be too dangerous to kayak in the electric storm-where we played cards, and sang camp songs. The next few days went by with ups and downs, and through the smiles, complaints, laughs, and muscle pains, we made it.

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