We are all one community

By:Ben Bargad


My name is Ben Bargad and I am in B7. B7 consists of five Israeli campers and two American campers including me. B7 is usually talking in Hebrew. It is when we are with non-Hebrew speaking campers we talk in English. It is sometimes good or bad to be in a bunk where the primary language is Hebrew. It is mostly good because I understand a lot of what my bunkmates are saying and I am able to practice my Hebrew skills. On the other hand it can be bad when I do not have a clue what my bunkmates are talking about. Fortunately, my bunkmates are sympathetic and explain something to me when I do not understand. They are sympathetic to me because I explain something they do not understand in Hebrew when they do not understand in English. Being a camper in

global community like TY’s is very rewarding. I have made Russian, German, Italian, American, and Israeli friends. I have learned new words and information about each culture. For example, I learned abuot how good Italian pasta is compared to camp, how strong the Jewish communities in various German cities are, and how to say basic greeting words like “hello, and “my name is” in Russian. As I have mentioned before, every camper is probably having difficulty speaking or understanding things since everyone speaks different languages. Ultimately, everyone is able to have fun with each other despite the language barrier. In conclusion, being a part of a global community makes everyone embrace each other’s differences and learn more about one another.

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