Making the bond stronger

By:Yoelle Gulku

As soon as I arrived at TY, a variety of excited, friendly faces greeted me ad were eager to get to know who I was, one which, being Andrew the director of Havurah. I headed over to the bunk to meet my counselors and I was more than happy to experience their bright smiles and optimistic personalities, each with their own twist. In all of the camps I have been to, I have never felt so at home in a camp so far away from where I live- about a day or two later, all 10 campers were united as a bunk and go to learn and relate to each other’s interests. Soon enough, we got so close that we were standing on each others hands and spotting anyone with the possibility of falling and getting hurt in an obstacle course. A week has passed, yet it feels like I have known these people for longer.

The best part is, as a participant of the Havurah program, Im meeting people with the exact same background and personal ideals. Each day is filled with new, adventurous activities ranging from making a fire with the scouts, to learning more about our interpretations of culture and taking part in crazy trust exercises. Essentially, the staff is so kind and supportive with our personal interests and coming across new ones as well. Despite any possible differences within our family, the bond could not be stronger. I cannot wait for all of the trips and activities yet to come.

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