One Bike, so many experiences

By: Gidi Fox


Over the bike trip, the group was pushed past our limits-- up the steep hills.  However, we were then rewarded with amazing and scenic downhills. The first day, while we were waiting to leave, we were worried about falling down the hills and what would happen if we got tired. As we started to leave we hit the Aleph hill. That was when we realized the trip wouldn’t be as easy as we thought. Then most of us biked up the Aleph hill, but some walked. After that the real trip started.

We left the comfort of scenic Barryville and continued through the Catskills. We pushed through mile by mile, hill by hill. When we entered into the first camp ground we all collapsed. The next day we rode into Pennsylvania. We continued on our route with some amazing leaders/madrichim. The second day was easy, compared to the third and fourth. On the third day we encountered the biggest hill of the trip! It was almost 3 miles uphill but there was also the biggest downhill, of 3 miles. Overall the trip was one of the most rewarding and fun experiences of my life.

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