Neshane Et Haolam, one trip at a time

By:Allie Comite


This trip week was particularly meaningful. Hadracha traveled to DC to have discussions with different organizations and congressman that related to their tikkun group. On Monday, July 11th, immediately after getting off the bus, we went to the Holocaust Museum. Later that day, we listened to a YJ panel that helped us prepare for our meetings. On Tuesday we met with different organizations that further helped us prep for our congressional meetings. On Wednesday we met with members from Congress to learn more about our topic.

The Domestic Poverty group got a chance to meet with Paul Ryan. Throughout this experience, we all recognized how special and meaningful this trip was. Also on Wednesday the group had time to visit the different monuments and memorials surrounding the National Mall. To end the trip, we went to the Universal Circus on Thursday. This circus was unlike other circuses and taught us about our differences and similarities as one people. We also stopped by the University of Maryland for lunch and a brief tour. Despite the lack of AC and long bus ride, all of us found this experience to be one of a kind how many 15-16 year olds can say that they met with Congress through their summer camp?

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