Alumim trip is here....

This week Alumim packed their bags, boarded the bus, and headed to Stokes State Park in New Jersey. On the schedule, we had two and a half days of hiking and two nights of camping planned. In order to make sure that the trip went smoothly, we divided into vaadot, committees, who were each responsible for a different aspect of the experience (eg. cooking, fire, etc.) Though the tasks were sometimes tacky, life at the campsite required a lot of cooperation. Alumim had an amazing time. Between the hiking, swimming, cooking, and activities, as a whole, Alumim bonded an incredible amount. That being said, we were happy to come back to TY to shower and regroup before packing up yet again, and heading to Philly.

About 3 hours later, we arrived at Temple Sinai, which is located just outside Philly. Some of us joined the congregation for minyan. Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious meal of mac and cheese. After dinner, all the campers set up their sleeping bags and watched Zootopia. The next morning we got prepared for the day, ate breakfast, and participated in a welcoming Shacharit service at the synagogue. The congregants were gracious and generous hosts, and we were excited to get to know them. Following services and breakfast, we divided into small walking groups. Our itinerary included visits to the Constitution Center and The Museum of American Jewish Heritage, and recreational activities at various sites throughout Philly.

At the museum of American Jewish Heritage, each group was challenged to document their experience through a series of creative photos and videos. For me, this was the highlight of the trip, and possibly all of camp. My group, “The Wagon Family” (Ben, Aaron, Elan, Abigail, Emma, and I) had an incredible time acting out aspects of Jewish history. Overall, trip week was an outstanding experience where I bonded so much with everyone in Alumim.

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