Ruach at Tel Yehudah

by :Sofia Feldman



This week at TY was amazing and is only getting better, not only have I had fun doing various activities at camp but I also get to experience them with my best friends in the entire world.  The people I have met are some of the coolest people I have EVER met!  I began to notice that even though many of these people live in many places around the world, we are all connected by our Judaism.

Being Jewish not only makes me feel like I am surrounded by such an amazing community and we are all family.  My favorite memory from this past week was at Shabbat dinner.  We all stood up on the tables, wrapped our arms around each other and sang.  I never felt so connected before; I felt like I was part of such a special community. I can’t wait to experience more memories and be able to share them with the many people I have met.

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