My time at Tel Yehudah

By: Gabby Rub



Tel Yehudah is one of the best experiences in my life. The people, community, tzevet, and camp are all amazing. I went to Sprout Lake and the difference at TY the way is there is much more freedom and the ability to participate in your interests more than we could at Sprout. Being in Alumim is a privilege because all other Young Judaea camps have one more year at their junior camps. I am meeting people from first session at Sprout, and new kids that come for the amazing experience. Our life style is more laid back than most junior camps, but that allows us to be ourselves and have more independence. I have gotten so close with my bunk and my chug from the activities that we do at camp. The memories and friendship I have made (and am still making) will last forever. The community is super welcoming, enjoyable, and exciting to look forward to everyday. Our schedule has a 2 hour chofesh to spend with friends, and four peulot with our chug, and z’man bechira. My activity in z’man bechira is Zumba/ hip hop, and at the moment we are making a flash mob to teach to all of TY.


TY also has a trip week, the last full week of camp and each age group (Alumim, Yachad, and Hadracha) goes on different trips. Alumim goes on a nature trip with hikes and sleeping in the woods, and after we go to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell and the museums. Yachad has intensive trips to choose from like biking, backpacking and more. Hadracha goes to Washington D.C to lobby about Jewish values and causes that are important to us.


Being in TY for the first year has been unforgettable and unbelievable.  I can’t wait to go next session and all 3 years until Hadracha.  I already know I want to and  hope to go on Machon and year course with young Judaea, and TY is my stepping for this incredible involvement

Gabby Rub


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