My Team was IN it, to WIN it!

By: Cameron Ross


Hi, my name is Cameron Ross and I am a Yachad camper in B6. This past week was eventful and different than any other week in TY. Monday night was the Macabbia Breakout. During the delicious BBQ a suspicious UHAUL truck pulled up as a “gator” released smoke. Then the captains sprinted out of the truck and sounds of joy filled the aleph field. My region gathered and learned cheers. Sports and ruach was the only activity over the next 24 hours. It was so much fun.

The trip to Gimmel (our camping site) was the very next day. After hiking for a short time we were split into groups to prepare the camp site. The food at Gimmel was outstanding and I made closer friends than I could have in camp. There was so much time to hang around the campfire and share stories. I really enjoyed that. Gimmel was a great experience. This week has been my favorite week at camp so far and I can’t wait to encounter more amazing experiences at Tel Yeheudah and in our trip week ahead. This camp experience is better than I have encountered anywhere else.

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