Mind-bending Peulot

By: Harrison Lessine


I had an incredible time this week! First we went to Gimmel a campsite at Tel Yehudah and had a great time with all my friends. We started by the fire singing songs and roasting marshmallows. The next morning we ate breakfast, went back to camp and took amazing showers. The next super exciting thing to happen this week was 4th of July. At midnight everyone in camp ran out of their bunks and the counselors directed us to the Beit Haam where we had a dance party.

Noah Wilker, played Free Bird for the first time ever! The next day everyone dressed up in red white and blue and we had a picnic for dinner. After that we had a concert and delicious cake, Noah was asked to play a song and the golf cart which he drove on was a “fake accident” with smoke and everything. At that time, it was the Macabbiah breakout and we were split up into our regions and learned the songs and cheers. I ended up on the blue team and played gaga for them. I cheered throughout the Macabbiah. The next day we did fun Peulot with psychology discussions that bent and totally stretched my brain.

This week was awesome!

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