Making Tikun happen

By: Ben Rosenfeld


This past week at camp, Hadracha got the chance to participate in activities like rafting on the Delaware River, going camping overnight in Gimmel and leading our session’s Maccabiah, some of us as captains. As the oldest age group, we got to lead Alumim and Yachad members of our teams, and we had the chance to work on making posters and writing songs and cheers for our teams. We also had several meetings with our Tikun groups where we planned what questions we would ask the Senators who we will meet with in just a few days. My group is “Global Poverty” and we are focusing specifically on how the Olympic Games affect developing countries, their economies and, most importantly, their citizens. I am really looking forward to getting the chance to talk with our country’s leaders about issues that matter to me. My Tikun group is going to be talking with two US Senators as well as organizations like Amnesty International and the One-in-Ten Campaign.

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