My life in Hadracha

BY: Dean Vanetek


From the outside in, Camp Tel Yehuda is a weird place: hundreds of teenagers chanting in an ancient language and doing all sorts of activities. But after having experienced some time here, I’ve come to find that TY is a great community where all different kinds of people come together to have fun.

Some of the activities I’ve participated in this week have been really interesting experiences; low ropes with my bunk, a new sport called Jerry’s Kickball (JerryBall for short), and baking cookies from scratch while blindfolded, just to name a few. And all week, Hadracha has been working on major projects; today marks the beginning of Hadracha Shabbat, and we have much more in store for the upcoming weeks.

The time we’ve spent at camp so far has been a fantastic experience, so I’m sure each and every one of us is looking forward to the week ahead.

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