Fun and Chofesh

BY: Rebecca Goldstein


Camp life here at TY is great! These past few weeks have been a jam packed with activities, both educational and fun. By far, the best one so far was Yom Atid. This was a day dedicated to atraditional English breakfast, and American lunch and an Israeli dinner. We also had an amazing performance by the Tsofim friendship caravan. On Thursday night we had a “glam rock” themed dinner. My chug had an epic lip sync battle!! Other activities this week have been swimming at the pool. Arts and crafts, sports, drama, Israeli dance and songs are some of the many activities that cater to each and every camper. One of the best parts of the day is chofesh, 2 hours of free time! I usually prefer to explore camp or write letters but others hang out at the Makolet (canteen),swim or just chill with friends .

Another great part of TY is having some kind of tfillot every morning. This time the prayers helped me to feel more connected to G-d and to myself. The Jewish part perfectly balances all other aspects and creates a beautiful community for all of us here at TY. Next week will bring even more fun and surprises.

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