Life is good, Camp is better

BY: Julian Goldman-Brown

Camp is even better than it was last year, which I did not believe to be possible. It has been great seeing my old friends from Sprout Lake and also making new friends from CYJ, CJ, and Midwest, and I can already say that I am going to want to stay friends with all my new friends even though camp has barely begun.

It is only the third day right now and I have already had lots of memorable moments this session, which goes to show how great the community is. I still have yet to meet everyone in the Edah, but I think I will be able to seeing as I have met almost half of it in three days. The counselors are as always making great activities for us campers and there hasn’t been one dull moment. Lastly I have already had lots of laughs this session whether the cause be a counselor or camper, and there is nothing better than laughing with friends at camp.

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