Tikun Olam - not just a saying

BY:Ayden Holzkemmer


Im adyen, and I'm in bunk 3A in hadracha in chug amba, this week we have spent a lot of time getting to know each other and getting familiar with machane bet in the other side of camp.
Something special about hadracha is out trip to Washington DC to advocate for different social justice issues, this week we were introduced to our justice groups. Some groups include domestic violence global poverty and LGBTQ rights. Today we have our first meetings with the”Tikun” Groups and discussed how american,jewish and human values contribute to our stance of some of these issues.

I'm excited to continue learning about my groups issues in the week to come, but I am also looking forward to the first shabbat of the session, and my first time as the oldest “Eida” in camp. Check back to see the awesome things Hadracha is accomplishing as the next leaders of TY!


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