One TY Love Story from the Bet Kitchen, Coming Right Up!

SCAN0001He was the Veggie Boy and she was the Window Girl. It was second session of the summer of 1980 at TY in the Bet Kitchen when I got to know Linda Rosenberg. We dated the last couple of weeks that summer, and then I left for Year Course. We exchanged a few letters while I was in Israel, and Linda went on Year Course the year after. We didn’t see each other for another 10 years. 

Life and the years moved on --  we graduated college, worked, started graduate school, etc. We did keep up or, more truthfully, kept track of each other through our mutual Young Judaean friends. It was through one of these friends that we reconnected in 1989 when I was in New York City and Linda was in Princeton. 

Over the next few months, we fell in love. After graduate school, Linda took a job working for the City of New York and moved to the city. We were married on November 2, 1991 in her hometown, Vineland, NJ.

Now close to 25 years later, we live outside Princeton with our beautiful daughter, Hannah, who will graduate high school in June. She will follow in the family tradition by going on Year Course in the Fall. There are a few details that I left out, but the one constant in our life is our love for one another, our families, and our friends.

Tel Yehudah is all about love: love for the community, love for the place, love for Israel – and, yes, often people find the love of their lives there, like the alumni whose love stories are on the TY blog. That’s why February, the month of love, is also #IHeartTY month!

As we start gearing up for the summer, this is also a great time to show your love for TY by giving a tax deductible donation. Your gift today will help a new generation fall in love with TY in summer 2016. Thank you for your love and support.

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