A Magical Summer at TY: Lisa and Aaron's Love Story

20160206_105824My lifelong connection with Young Judaea started as a young boy because my mom worked as the regional secretary (in Long Island, NY). Lisa and I met at Tel Yehudah during the summer of 1982, during which I was camp director and Lisa was a madricha for Ulpan. It was a wonderful, magical summer both in camp and on days off – staff outings at Cedar Rapids, a dramatic canoe trip, carob flavored ice cream, working hard, eating out at restaurants in the area, getting Mel's approval.

At that time, there was no master plan for the future. I was heading back to Israel in the fall of 1982 in order to live on Kibbutz Machanayim, while Lisa was continuing her college studies in New York. But when we met again some three years later on Lisa's trip to Israel, it was obvious that the bonds of love that were sown at TY were too strong to be broken by the technical difficulties of being on two different continents. I returned to the USA in 1986 and we were married in 1987.

We made Aliya as a family in 1995 and have lived in Ra'anana since then with our three children. And so another classical TY love story lives on – and goes full circle, as our son, inspired by our fond memories (and endless stories!) of camp, is going to work as an Israeli madrich this coming summer. And we are looking forward to visiting him at TY to show him where it all began!!

Tel Yehudah is all about love: love for the community, love for the place, love for Israel – and, yes, often people find the love of their lives there, like the alumni whose love stories are on the TY blog. That’s why February, the month of love, is also #IHeartTY month!

As we start gearing up for the summer, this is also a great time to show your love for TY by giving a tax deductible donation. Your gift today will help a new generation fall in love with TY in summer 2016. Thank you for your love and support.

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