Meeting at TY: Naomi Segal and Danny Sherman

12596402_10153356209785794_927813273_n (1)It was love at first sight for Naomi Segal (from the great Matawan, NJ club with TY, Director, David Weinstein) and me when we first met in Alumim the summer of ’81 at Tel Yehudah—well, it was for me, anyway.  I remember the 14-year-old me excitedly counting the lines that we had together in the chug play.  Naomi wanted to “just be friends,” which we were, as can be seen in the photo of Naomi, Tzvi Mackson and me at the end-of-session banquet.

Jump forward to the summer of ’92 during which I came in from Israel to work at TY as a merakez.  After camp, I happened to get together with Tzvi.  We had a great time re-connecting, and Tzvi suggested meeting up with some other YJ friends, including Naomi. I perked up immediately and agreed.  The rest is history.  Naomi joined me in Israel a year later.

12620891_10153356210050794_2100342037_oWe presently live in Modiin and have two children:  Yonatan,  who is 17, spent a great summer two years ago at Sprout Lake in H+;  Roey, who is 14, is active in the Noam youth movement, which is similar in many respects to Young Judaea.  Naomi is a journalist at Israel Radio.  I am an independent strategic and organizational consultant working with NGOs.  Many of our closest friends, in Israel and abroad, are former Judaeans.

Danny Sherman, Modiin

Tel Yehudah is all about love: love for the community, love for the place, love for Israel – and, yes, often people find the love of their lives there, like the alumni whose love stories are on the TY blog. That’s why February, the month of love, is also #IHeartTY month!

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