L'Dor VaDor: Young Judaea Through the Generations

Gila Tuchman's Young Judaea story is multi-generational. The Tuchman family is wholeheartedly Judaean and actively working to expand Year Round Programs in their community, to ensure youth continue to have Judaean experiences.

Tuchman family (L to R) Gila, Danny, Liora, Cobi and Adina Tuchman

Gila Tuchman, her husband Danny, and their children are a Young Judaea family. "Shabbat dinners at our home invariably bring about discussions about Camp Judaea, Tel Yehudah, Year Course, or Young Judaea clubs," Gila says.

“Danny and I both grew up in Young Judaea. We served together on Mazkirut, and spent summers at Camp Judaea and Tel Yehudah – actually up until the summer before our wedding in Jerusalem.” And the Judaean tradition continues with their children. “Coby, Adina, and Liora have all attended Young Judaea camps. Coby (like his father) recently returned from a life-changing experience on Year Course. We are incredibly proud to watch as Adina is working alongside other teens to bring Young Judaea year-round programming back to South Florida for her younger sister and others.”

As the Tuchman family exemplifies, Young Judaea has a great past – and an even brighter future. We are building on our history of success to strengthen our year-round programming, add new, innovative content to our programs in Israel, and reach out to more young people.

[caption id="attachment_4086" align="alignright" width="236"]Tuchmans at Beit Ar-El

Liora, Adina and Danny at Beit Ar-El (Year Course Headquarters) in Jerusalem



At a time when the Jewish community is becoming increasingly diverse and fewer young Jews are affiliating with the established religious streams, Young Judaea’s pluralistic big tent – unaffiliated yet proudly Jewish and Zionist – is needed more than ever.  But we need your support to engage thousands more young people with Israel and Jewish life.

The leadership skills we learned and practiced during our years in Young Judaea were instrumental in shaping our future leadership careers in education, and in the volunteer roles we have in the Jewish community,” Gila Tuchman says, adding, “We know that the foundation and values our children are experiencing in Young Judaea will last them a lifetime.

You can change the life of a young person.  Help create the next generation of pluralistic Jewish leaders by making a gift today.

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