Young Judaea: It's All in the Family

"My first summer at Tel Yehudah set me on the path that led me to where I am today," says Fanny Korman.

Fanny Korman 1974 Fanny (circled) with her chug at TY in 1974

She not only met her future husband Roger there; through Tel Yehudah, Year Course, and organizing Young Judaea in her community, she learned skills that she has continued to use in her professional life.

Being a Judaean strengthened her love for Israel and commitment to the Jewish community. "I always tell people that I got my Jewish education at Tel Yehudah and on Year Course," she says.

Roger & Fanny in shirts Fanny & Roger donning their YJ gear

Fanny and Roger's children continued their family's Judaean traditions as Sprout Lake and Tel Yehudah campers, and are now looking forward to sending their own children to Young Judaea.

"I have watched my children and nieces and their friends grow into confident, successful leaders in their own right," Fanny declares. "That's what I call naches!"

"I felt safe and understood among my Young Judaea chevre ," Fanny Korman says.  You  can give the next generation of young people that same feeling.

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