"Valuable Allies" - Author Alan Paul Reflects on TY and YJ

IMG_7875 (2) Alan Paul, Rebecca Blumenstein (CYJ-Midwest, Tel Yehudah) and Family

"My wife Rebecca has always credited Young Judaea and Tel Yehudah with shaping her sense of community and Judaism,” says Alan Paul. “But I never fully understood their impact until our three children became immersed, first in Sprout Lake and then Tel Yehudah.”

Alan may be known for writing about music – his books include: Big in China: My Unlikely Adventures Raising a Family, Playing the Blues, and Becoming a Star in Beijing, Reckoning: Conversations With the Grateful Dead and One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band – but he cares even more about family.  “As my children become teenagers and young adults, I am incredibly appreciative of the positive impact Young Judaea camps have had on their lives,” he says.

IMG_5401 Eli Paul and Friends at TY 2015

“From their first day at Sprout Lake, my children saw older campers and counselors demonstrating that kindness is cool and being generous can be fun and fulfilling. At Tel Yehudah, they learned and are learning to model these values themselves.”

“As parents, we are all battling societal and cultural forces to imbue our children with powerful internal senses of morality, community, Judaism, and connection to Israel,” Alan says. “Young Judaea and Tel Yehudah have been a valuable ally, a crucial component of our children’s upbringing. The friendships Jacob, Eli, and Anna have forged at Tel Yehudah with campers from all over the country, and, indeed, the world, are indelible, binding them into a wonderful community that has made them better people.”

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