6 Peulot That Made This Summer Totally Awesome!

1.The Hunger Games By, Leah Berger, Hamamah Aleph

My favorite peulat erev (evening activity) we did all summer is Hunger Games. Hunger Games is a camp wide paint war and the goal is to get as much of your color onto the other teams as possible. It's supposed to be a competition, but it always ends up as friends just splashing each other with colors for fun. Unlike other years, I got to help lead hunger games as a privilege of Hamamah. Even though it wasn't the same experience I've had with Hunger Games in the past, it was the best one I've been a part of. Watching other campers run around laughing and yelling because of something Hamamah had helped run was so rewarding and amazing.

Hamama A

2. Yom Yarok By, Ilan Simanin, Hamamah Havurah

Traditions at camp come and go. Sometimes they last a year, and sometimes they last for decades. This year--in the spirit of pulling back the curtains of camp--Hamamah participated in camp's rebirth of Yom Yarok. Yom Yarok challenged our teens to take on staff's responsibilities. Hamamah filled the roles of Roshei Machane, Merkazim, Roshim, and Madrichim. Each teen played a unique programmatic role, exercising his or her leadership skills that had been developed throughout the session. Teens explained the hardships of being a staff member, but also the reward of peer leadership. In many cases, the Hamamah teens bonded with their new chugim (units) and made everlasting impressions on their young teens. As Hamamah creates space for itself within camp's program line-up, Yom Yarok will continue to exist as a new tradition--a tradition that empowers our older teens to take ownership of camp, invest themselves in camp's "make it happen" attitude, and insert themselves in leadership positions.
Hamama B

3. Bibi, Obama, and Oprah By, Ben Doshna, Kfir Aleph

I really enjoyed our peulah (activity) entitled “Bibi, Obama, and Opera.” In this fun and educational activity, we talked about activism. We started off by playing a game where we bought plates with play money. Each plate had a morally difficult scenario on the back, and if bought, it resembled using money to “interfere” with the scenario. We learned about the importance of taking action and not being a bystander when it comes to injustice. Then, we split off into groups and talked about issues. I was with Domestic Violence, which was led by Annabel. She explained about Domestic Violence in the U.S., especially with teens. Some statistics freaked out some kids, but overall it was very informative. This was one of the best peulot we had all session because it started with a fun game and ended with something very eye-opening.

Kfir A

4. Israel update By, Daniel Matlin, Kfir Havurah
A memorable peulah we had was in my bunk, 7B. After dinner and other activities, we had a discussion about the conflict in Israel. Three counselors, Mike, Leonard, and Ben, all spoke their knowledge of the conflict and shared their opinions about the opposing forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Having an Israeli, Mike, involved added personal stories and opinions based on experience, not research, to the discussion. With a panel to answer questions and give back ground information, our bunk talked about many aspects of the situation, including its effect on civilians, preventing terrorist attacks, and why extremism is so dangerous. While at some points the peulah got heated, it ended with a sharing of opinions when the panel left to a staff meeting.
  Kfir B
5. Kayaking By, Kira Itkin-Weinstein, Bonim Aleph  
This session at camp was my 4th session at TY. It was also my most exciting session. The counselors and friends that I had allowed me to have so many new experiences and do things that I never would have thought I'd ever do. As a very un-athletic person, I initially decided to go on the NYC trip for trip week, but after lots of consideration, I decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone. I ended up going on the 4-day kayaking trip. My parents were horribly worried based on prior swimming experiences and my lack of knowledge of kayaking. But, the kayaking trip ended up being such an amazing experience for me, both in terms of bonding with campers and counselors as well as being able to get through the entire trip with ease and accomplish this for myself. Another thing that I did that surprised myself was voluntarily spend time in the sports activity. Harrison, the head of sports, helped me a lot after I told him that I wanted to learn to play football. He worked with me on throwing and catching and was extremely helpful. I'm very glad that this session I was able to be so open-minded and do so many new and exciting things.
Bonim A

6. Israeli Geography By, Robert Salita, Bonim Havurah

In this peulah (activity), we had a fun time while also learning. We went around to different stations that represented different cities. Our whole chug (unit) had fun participating in different activities that we usually don’t get to do. We also learned more about Israeli geography that we didn’t know before. It was one of the best activities because it combined education and fun in the perfect way.

Bonim B

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