A Day In A Life of a Bunk

By, Ari Ayzidor and Zach Zeltser, bunk 7A, Chug Kot V’sapagah

Every day we wake up in bunk 7A, The best bunk in all of Tel Yehudah. This is our second year at TY, we are pretty much pros at this. The usual wake up is at 8AM. Our counselors, Daniel and Tomer, lead us out to the Chadar Ochel (dining hall) where we do exciting morning cheers that include Israeli Scouts songs, singing the Hatikvah (Israel's national anthem) and the Star Spangled Banner. Our bunk is always united and has a lot of fun. We're always trying to be the loudest bunk.

We do everything together, including sports, meals, and have insightful conversations. We clean our bunk everyday and even won the cleanest bunk challenge, after putting in hard work to prove ourselves.


Every night we have a peulat laila tov (night time activity) in our bunk. Last night we had a really interesting discussion about Israel. Even though we don't always agree with each other, we all respect each other's opinions so we feel comfortable to express ours beliefs and thoughts.

Our counselors are like mentors to us, they give great advice and lead amazing Peulot (activities). They are one of the main reasons this summer is so great!

Bunk 7A is one band of brothers having the time of our life at Camp Tel Yehudah.

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