How My Time at Tel Yehudah Inspired Me To Become a Jewish Educator

By, Or Katzman, Rosh Moomchim (Director of Specialty Areas) at Tel Yehudah

My first summer at Tel Yehudah was 2009. I was a young scout, having just finished a year on Young Judaea's Year Course program living with Judaeans and FZYniks (Young Judaea's sister movement).

Coming to Tel Yehudah was a crazy experience. This was the first time I was immersed in a full Jewish experience that allowed me to see different ways of practicing and exploring my Jewish Identity. Every Shabbat I was trying a different t'filot service with my chanichim (campers) and learning along with them different things about our community and about ourselves as Jews.

katzman Or in 2009 and 2015

My experiences at TY as a scout and a madrich (counselor) influenced me to stay in Jewish education. Following my military service, I returned to TY to be Rosh Tsofiut (Head of the Israeli Scouting program in camp). That summer made realize that I wanted to be a Shaliach, a year-round Jewish emissary and educator, in England for FZY for the following 2 years.
Now I'm back at Tel Yehudah as the Rosh Moomchim and Rosh Mishlachat (head of the Israeli delegation). I came back to encourage TY's staff to be the best leaders that they can be, explore and learn about themselves and inspire others around them. Coming back here every time teaches me new things and inspires me to pass on the lessons I've learned here.
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