TY's Global Merakzim Team

Maya Orgad - Kfir 

Maya OrgadMy name is Maya, and this summer I'm working as a Merakezet (unit head) for Kfir! I first got involved in Young Judaea when I went on Year Course in 2009, after which I worked at Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake. Following my army service, I worked at Camp Kimama in Israel for 3 years but I couldn't wait for the opportunity to have another amazing and inspiring Young Judaea experience. I am looking forward to witnessing all of the beautiful moments this session will bring.

Shai Rosenfeld - Bonim

Shai RosenfeldI’m excited to continue my path as an educator at TY after supervising the Shnat Sherut (a year of Israeli volunteer service after high school) and Israel Programs for the Tzofim (Israel Scouts) in the US for the last two years. I have years of experience in educational theatre and program-based education with various organizations in Israel and in NYC. I look forward to creating a summer of fun, dialogue and change!

Ben Perlstein - Hamamah

Ben PerlsteinMy name is Ben, and this summer I am working as a Merakez (Unit Head) for Hadracha, our activism leadership program for chanichim (campers) going into 11th grade. This will be my fourth summer working at Tel Yehudah, and my second as a Merakez. For me, TY has always been a place of inspiring growth, meaningful relationships, and experiences that I carry with me every day. I hope that this summer will be no exception, and look forward to working on an amazing team that is devoted to enabling positive, life-changing memories for themselves (our chanichim) every day.

Aleks Shats - Kfir Havurah

AleksMy name is Aleks Shats, and this summer I will be working as the Merakez for Kfir Havurah. In addition to the enrichment activities that include sports, dance, arts and crafts, etc., our educational program is focused around the topic of identity. In particular, the chanichim (campers) will explore what makes them the people they are and how to develop into the people they want to become. Together, we will try to arouse questions and create a safe environment to explore and discuss the topic of identity with our peer group. The group experience will allow the campers to hear a wide diversity of thoughts, behavior, experiences, and practice at the same time, that will allow the individuals to get to know their own unique story better. I look forward to working with amazing madrichim (counselors) and eager chanichim that are devoted to creating memorable moments and have experiences that they will be able to reflect on for many years.

Viki Serdenko - Bonim Havurah

VikiI’m Viki Serdenko and I am going to be a Merakezet for Bonim Havurah, TY's unique program designed for teens from Russian-Jewish communities. I was born in the Ukraine, but when I was five years old, my parents made Aliyah to Israel. Since then, I have lived in Rehovot. I came to Tel Yehudah last year for the first time as a madricha (counselor) and had an incredible experience. I wanted to come back so that I could be the one to facilitate that same positive atmosphere for the madrichim (counselors) on my tsevet (staff). I love being a staff member here because I am able to see the outcome of the relationships that are built with the teens, even months later. I cannot wait to begin this amazing summer and am deeply looking forward to seeing how it unfolds!

Ilan Simanin - Hamamah Havurah

IlanIn 2009, a 16-year-old boy walked through Tel Yehudah’s campgrounds to sheer excitement and full of nerves—and to his amazement, he hasn’t left since.

Shalom! My name is Ilan Simanin and I will be the Merakez for Hamama Havurah. As you’ve probably already guessed, that 16-year-old boy was me. I began my adventure at Camp Tel Yehudah as part of Havurah’s pilot year. During that time, I fell in love with camp’s beautiful location, its diversity—both in people and activities—and its inclusive environment.

This year, I’m excited to see teens showcase their newly learned leadership skills at camp through special interest clinics and internships. This year, without doubt, will be camp’s best and most fulfilling summer.

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