From TY to Shanghai

Written by Jacob Scheer, Hadracha merakez (unit head) this summer at Tel Yehudah.

I went to TY for three summers, and was highly active in year round Young Judaea. For all the Jewish cultural experiences I had at camp, the most unpredictable impact that TY had on me grew from the skills and confidence I gained here, which interestingly led me to become a Chinese Rapper.

In Alumim, my madrich (counselor) Teddy Fisher showed me a rap video he made for freshman on the UPenn website. The next year, my madrich Shai led a tfilot service in which I used rap to express my spirituality. I continued to develop my rap skills that summer and throughout the rest of high school.

Jacob in 2008 and 2015 Jacob in 2008 and 2015

After studying Chinese for one year in college, I entered a Chinese talent competition called the Chinese Bridge. Naturally, my talent was rap. After making it through the qualifying rounds, I won a spot in the international competition in China. Despite being a novice, my rap talent catapulted me to the final round, which was aired on Chinese TV, which you can see here.

TY’s lasting impact is so much more than just fond memories and an appreciation for my Jewishness. I attribute much of my success outside of camp to the talents, confidence and leadership skills I picked up here. Thank you Tel Yehudah.

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