TY's Roshim Dream Team

Lior MichelLior Michel - Rosh Omanut (Director of Arts and Crafts)

My name is Lior, and I am working as the Omanut (Art) supervisor this summer. I am from Israel, and I have spent the past six summers working at Jewish summer camps around the world. I just finished my 3rd year studying graphic design and visual communications at the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel. I am very excited to be spending my first summer at Camp Tel Yehudah, and help inspire creativity at camp every day.

HarrisonHarrison Peck - Rosh Sports (Director of Sports)

My name is Harrison Peck and I will be the Rosh Sports this summer. I am so excited to be returning back home to TY after participating in camp during the summers of 2001 and 2002. I have worked in Jewish summer camps for over 10 years and am so blessed to be able to bring my experiences to TY. My goal this summer is to help grow the campers’ love of sports and athletics. I cannot wait for this awesome summer to begin!

Yarden FriedYarden Fried - Rosh Omanuyot (Director of Performing Arts)

My name is Yarden and I am Rosh Omanuyot this summer at camp. I am 22 years old from Mevasseret Tzion, Israel. I have been a camper at TY for two summers and came back as a rikud (dance) specialist last summer. TY has been such an important part of my life, understanding the importance of Zionism and community through the different activities in camp. I cannot wait to utilize all of the different departments of the performing arts and to share these experiences to ensure the best summer ever!

MacMac Lindner - Rosh Chavalim (Director of Ropes Course)

I am Mac Lindner and I will be filling the role of Rosh Ropes this summer. I am unbelievably elated to be working at Tel Yehudah. I come from California and have worked at summer camps in California, New York and Israel. Throughout the year I am responsible for five youth groups and teach three classes in Orange County. I am very much looking forward to guiding the campers to new leadership and team development skills all through the challenges of high and low ropes.

MayMay Yaaron - Rosh Tsofiut (Director of Israeli Scouting)

My name is May, I’m 24 years old from Tel Aviv, and I am the head of the Tsofiut (Israeli Scouting) specialty area this summer. I worked at camp five summers ago as a Tsofa (scout) from Garin Atid (a group of Israeli Scout graduates who also participate in Year Course along with the North Americans) and have wanted to come back ever since. I’ve spent the last few years as an officer in the IDF and as a junior computer programmer at an Israeli start-up company. The Tsofim have always been a huge part of my life, allowing me to grow into the person I am today. I am so excited to bring the Israeli youth movement vibes to camp this summer!

Talia PacherTalia Pacher - Rosh Teva (Director of Outdoor & Nature Programming)

My name is Talia Pacher and this is my first summer at TY! I first went on shlichut to summer camp a few years ago as a Teva specialist and I am thrilled to be Rosh Teva at Tel Yehudah this summer. I just finished a year as a Shlicha (an Israeli emissary) in Montreal and am super excited to be here! I am looking forward to a great summer!

RyanRyan Ference - Rosh Brecha (Director of Aquatics)

My name is Ryan Ference. I will be Rosh Pool this summer. I am 23 years old and grew up in Albany, NY. I recently graduated from Binghamton University where I studied Biology and Spanish. In the fall, I am excited to be beginning my first year of medical school at Einstein College of Medicine. I attended Tel Yehudah as a chanich and quickly fell in love with the camp. Later on, I realized that I wanted to return to TY as a staff member to act as the same mentor that my madrichim had been to me. This is my second year working on the pool staff and I am excited to bring a fun and wet summer to TY!

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