It's #iheartTY month! Show us why YOU Love TY!

iheartTY2015For many of us, we are enduring some seriously cold weather this month, which makes us long for the warm, sunny summer months when we are all together in Barryville!

So, the timing is perfect to bring a little bit of camp warmth to these cold days by celebrating #iheartTY month with everyone in the TY community.  What does that mean??

We want you to reminisce about camp by going online and tell us WHY YOU LOVE TY!  Here's how:

  1. Download the "I LOVE TY BECAUSE _____" sign and fill it in
  2. Take a photo holding your sign
  3. Upload your image to share on your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram accounts
  4. Remember to include the #iheartTY tag in your post, so we can see it!**
  5. That’s it! You’re done!

**Please make sure your posts are not set to "private" otherwise we will not be able to see them!

I Love TY Sign

Download as a PDF

Download as a PNG

As a friendly reminder, some of you may already know that we are collecting some of the best responses to be included in an all-new, crowd-sourced BuzzFeed post to celebrate the things our whole community most loves about TY!

Want some inspiration to inspire your TY love??  Check out this Instagram pic, this tweet, or even THIS SONG written by some TY campers as a cover of The Best Day Of My Life by American Authors!!


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