Tackling the Hill and Making a Difference

unnamed (1)For the past 10 or so years, Camp Tel Yehudah has been taking its oldest teens participating in our Hadracha program on a trip to Washington, D.C. There, our teens learn from leading advocacy and non-governmental organizations and enlist members of Congress to vote for causes backed by the teens themselves.

But what really happens at Tel Yehudah's Day on the Hill trip? Keep on reading as we've put together a brief post to get the inside scoop...

TY's Day on the Hill trip is composed of three days and two nights in our nation's capital, but a lot of the planning before the trip happens at camp where teens takeunnamed on the task of educating themselves and others about modern-day social causes and issues to advocate for when they get to DC.

Here are just some of the issues our teens have voted to focus on over the past few years: Israel Advocacy, LGBTQ Rights, Human Trafficking, Women's Rights, Natural Disaster and Relief Recovery, Gun Rights and, Global and Domestic Poverty. The teens prepare a statement, questions and research bills to sponsor before heading out to Washington, D.C.

"I never imagined that at 16 years old I would be able to meet with senators and representatives and discuss issues that I care about. The experience taught me so much about standing up for what you believe in and taking initiative."

-Sasha Avchukov (Atlanta, GA)

"For someone who was already interested in politics, it was an incredible opportunity. Ultimately, I came out even more passionate and I now know that this is how I want to spend my life."

-Noa Jett (Pittsburgh, PA)

"I feel like I have grown as a person. Now I feel extremely confident, that in any leadership position, I can hold my own and truly make a difference in the world."

-Max Webb (Dallas, TX)

"Originally, I thought that these meeting were going to be pointless, for we are only teenagers talking to political workers, but in the end we all agreed that together we most definitely made an impact."

-Shoshi Weiner (White Plains, NY)

Each and every year, we ask our teens to take action and lead this summer; and each and every year, we're astonished at how much our teens grow from the Hadracha program and Day on the Hill trip. From researching to planning to standing in front of members of Congress testifying why each cause is important, our teens truly exemplify leadership and activism in all its forms.


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