Adapting Israel Education (Kesher Hadash: Bringing It Home)

In Summer 2014, Tel Yehudah was proud to field an all-star roster of Merakzim (Unit Heads) and Roshim (Specialty Area Directors) to join our Summer Leadership Team and head up our camp program.  As many of you can imagine, there is a lot of planning, thinking and intentionality required to make each day at Tel Yehudah amazing for our teens.

imageOne member of our Leadership Team, Hannah Grossman, came to camp fresh off a semester in Israel participating in Kesher Hadash as part of her graduate studies at the Davidson School at the Jewish Theological Seminary.  She recently shared her thoughts about the experience, what it meant to bring it to camp, and the influence on her as an educator.

“Believing that it is essential for Israel education to develop in ways that address the changing nature of Israel and Zionism, I eagerly approached the summer hoping that I would be able to do just that. Within the safe, supportive and passionate framework of Young Judaea I worked with other staff members to introduce challenging questions relating to Israel within a Zionist context.”

Read Hannah's full post on e-Jewish Philanthropy by clicking here.

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