Meet Our Rosh Moomchim (Head of Specialty Areas)

Shalom from Camp Tel Yehudah!

I may be a stranger to these shores but I share your passion, commitment, and enthusiasm to generate the next level of Jewish leaders. I am Broude, a Brit, who first interacted with Young Judaea in FZY and joined the TY community back in 2008 when I came for my 1st summer as a Madrich (counselor).

IMG_20140613_114316 Adam Broude (Rosh Moomchim)

After a long-awaited return to TY last year as Head of Ropes, I will be spending this fantastic summer as Rosh Moomchim. For those who don’t know what that is, I will be managing all of the specialty areas, their tsvatim and the chanichim that participate and appreciate them. Moomchim (specialists) are split between seven departments; Sport (Sports), Chavalim (Ropes), Tsofiut (Scouts), Teva (Nature), Brecha (Pool), Omanut (Art) and Omanuyot (Performing Arts). Each specialty area engages chanichim in new experiences, teaches new skills, builds character, and creates opportunities to share TY and Young Judaea’s vision and values.

Each specialty area is unique and has a mix of creative staff running them. A Moomcheh/ah (specialist) takes up responsibilities of both in-bunk madrichim and moomchim.  That means they not only ensure chanichim welfare but also run educational activities for them. Alongside this their priorities are creating and running active, experiencial activities in their specialty field. An in-bunk Mo Moomcheh/ah on a typical day could wake up their Alumim bunk, go to tfillot and then after breakfast run team-work, communication and trust games at low-ropes for 40 Hadracha chanichim, then return to lead a discussion about what Jewish Identity Ethiopian Jews have in Israel in the current political climate.

Pool Staff

In this way, specialists hold the key to camp-wide intergration. They meet everyone at camp -- from a nervous first year chanich who has never been to camp before to the future Director of Year Course who is finishing their 3rd year at TY in Hadracha.

Sports Staff Sports Staff

I believe the experiences that chanichim have in specialty areas shape their character and bring them out of their shell to learn new things about themselves. It all stems from the incredible, outgoing, active puelot, that at this current time are being created by the excellent team of Roshim and Moomchim.

Specialty areas aren’t just a place at TY to have fun, they are the Devek that holds Machane together!

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