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My name is Jason Merrin, and I am a TY graduate, a Year Course graduate, and a Young Judaean. Now, I am also trying to be a filmmaker.

This past summer after graduating college, rather than looking for a job or applying to grad school, I took my life savings and (with some help from friends, family, and Kickstarter) made my first feature film. My parents always told me that I could do anything if I set my mind to it, and while that's not a particularly original sentiment they really made me believe it. We shot the movie in just over three weeks on the streets of New York and in apartments and restaurants borrowed again from friends and family, and ever since we've been working on getting it finished and ready for theaters (if we can find someone to play it in theaters).

The movie is called Sleepwalkers, and it is an urban fantasy love story set in a world where when you go to sleep you wake up as someone else. It's an odd concept that struck me thanks to me waking up with cuts and bruises one night that I didn't remember having when I went to sleep. I had serious doubt going into filming, but I need not have worried. We had an amazing cast and crew on this film who helped me turn this idea into a movie I am deeply proud of.

Sleepwalkers is currently in the running for Project of the Year on IndieWire, the internet's #1 indie film news source. The winner is chosen by popular vote, and polls are open until 5pm on Saturday. Please go to and vote for "Sleepwalkers" to show your support!

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