Happy Thanksgivukah ....or Not?

Judaeans, of course, are weighing in on this year's historic convergence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving. Comedian and TY/CYJ-Texas alum Benji Lovitt (animation by Victor Peru and help from Micha Liberman and Daniel Gottesman) celebrate the once in a lifetime meeting of latkes and turkey with a new song - Thanksgivukkah Pie. Benji sings:

But this year’s just unprecedented
A holiday that’s so demented
Chanukkah plus turkey
It doesn’t get more quirky

According to Benji: " was absolutely the cheers I wrote religiously at camp that taught me how to write these lyrics.

But Rabbi Daniel Brenner (TY parent and former CJ madrich) and the Jew Twins (current TY campers, Noam and Jonah Brenner) are a bit crankier about the combining of two holidays whose individual stories are already problematic. In their new video, The Anti-Thanksgivukkah Song, they sing:

Combined storylines -exceed my quota -for religious --freaks/I like the macabees but love philosophies of the ancient Greeks
thanks gd this only happens once in seventy millennia
deep freeze your leftovers for intergalactic thanksgivikah
Charlie brown Thanksgiving rugrats hannukah specials
Lucy, kicking the football, and Chuckie's freckles
Gobble, gobble, gobble, spin, spin, spin
Maybe next time the Indians will win

Whether you celebrate the holidays together or not, we are thankful for being part of a community of witty, sarcastic, contentious and thoughtful alumni and friends. Hag Sameach!

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