Noah Efron Reflects on the Passing of Lou Reed and How His Life Was Saved by Rock 'n' Roll

On the passing of rock and roll legend, Lou Reed, yesterday, Noah Efron writes:

I had two Jewish educations, one undertaken by rabbis, the other by Lou Reed. “Walk on the Wild Side” came out two weeks before my bar mitzvah, and I bought the 45 with cash my parents let me skim from my gift money before it was deposited “for the future.” I put the record on repeat, and played it over and over enough that, forty years later, the lyrics still come easily.

Read the rest of Lou Reed: The Ultimate Counter Jew at

Dr. Noah Efron, TY 1975-1977, played bass for the now-defunct band, Liquid Plumr. Noah also teaches history & philosophy of science at Bar Ilan University, is host of The Promised Podcast, and has served on the City Council of Tel Aviv-Jaffa; He writes about the tangled relationships between politics, religion, knowledge and identity, including in his book "Real Jews: Secular, Ultra-Orthodox and the Struggle for Jewish Identity in Israel."

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