Current Year Course Participants Launch Tzeva Kachol

by Aviva Weinstein

It's strange to be spending the year in a country where almost no one your age is on the street because they are training to defend the State of Israel.  You're studying, volunteering, and traveling the country, knowing that almost all of the 18 year old Israelis are in uniform, beginning their two, three, or maybe even more years in the Israel Defense Force.  You almost feel guilty, spoiled, that you have the luxury of this year in Israel.  You want to fix this.  You want to do your part in helping Israel for the nine months you are here, because while we have a right to the Jewish State, it's also a huge privilege that you must help keep alive.  That we must help keep alive.  That is why we, 15 members of Young Judaea Year Course's Activism Track, have begun an initiative to put in our five cents, or rather 20 shekels, to give back to our country in the way we know and can.

Operation Pillar of Defense occurred at the exact moment when we were choosing what project we would like to dedicate our year to.  It was a great challenge at first because while we are all dedicated to Israel, we all have different passions.  However, when we saw and heard rockets falling on Israel's southern citizens, our cause was obvious.  A week later we began to build and develop what we now call "Tzeva Kachol." Tzeva Kachol literally means "Color Blue" in Hebrew. Tzeva Adom (color red) is the rocket warning siren in Israel which alerts citizens to run to a shelter for safety. The color blue represents peace and tranquility, and that is what we hope and wish for Israel's victims of terror.

Tzeva Kachol strives to aid victims of terror throughout Israel and raise awareness about their situation.  We are partnering with existing organizations that aid terror victims, and together helping victims in the best way we can.  Recently we held a bake sale on the Beit  Ar-El campus for the rest of our section, and in the next couple of months we will be planning and running a Purim carnival for children who have suffered trauma from terror attacks in the south.  We are also hoping to partner with another organization to help send mishloach manot baskets to families who have suffered from terror attacks.  We would love to have everyone who is interested get involved and help support us throughout the coming year.  Information about our current projects can be found on our website, as well as Facebook page and Twitter.  Below is the link to our website which can take you to our other social media pages.  Visit our site to stay up to date and support Tzeva Kachol as we try and do our part in Israel.

Aviva Weinstein is currently attending Young Judaea Year Course and is originally from Washington, DC.  She has attended Camp Judaea and Camp Tel Yehudah as well as serving on the National Mazkirut.

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