Two Generations of Judaeans Building a More Just Society in Israel

Young Judaea has always promoted, first and foremost, a love for Israel.  But for generations of countless Young Judaeans have expressed this love through their commitment to building a better and more just society in Israel.

As a product of Young Judaea, Miriam Schler grew up with this deep commitment to social action as a path for both her work and her life. Miriam grew up in Gesher Shalom (Long Island) in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.  She attended Camp Young Judaea - Sprout Lake and Camp Tel Yehudah and served as the Administrative Vice President of her Young Judaea region while in high school.  In 1983 she was a madricha at Sprout Lake where she met her future husband Yehuda Kamari, who was working at Sprout as a tzofeh.  Miriam made aliyah in 1989 with the strong Judaean love for Israel and a consciousness that she had the responsibility to make Israel a better and more just society.  She immediately involved herself in the Israeli feminist movement and attended law school at Tel Aviv University.  Miriam began volunteering for the Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center, putting her feminist and Judaean ideals into action.

Fast-forward thirty years.  Miriam is now the Executive Director of the Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center. Yehudah and Miriam are raising a new generation of Tzofim/Judaeans with the values and culture of the two sister movements in which they grew up. For the last three years their children Omri, Michal and Avigyle have attended Tel Yehudah and Sprout Lake.

Last summer Michal was a camper at Sprout Lake. Her madricha, Catie Stewart (also a child of a Judaean alumnus), is now on Young Judaea Year Course.  Along with a few other Year Course participants, Catie and her friends formed a social justice initiative in Israel, Garin Kol L’Nashim, promoting women’s rights in Israel. Through Young Judaea connections, Catie and her Year Course friends, Sammy Schwartz and Talia Niederman (who will both be returning as staff members to Tel Yehudah this summer) connected with Miriam and started an internship at the Center, working on raising awareness of sexual assault issues. Two generations of Young Judaeans have  joined together in their mission of building a more just society in Israel, turning Young Judaea values into a reality.

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