Chag Chanukah Sameach

As we celebrate Chanukah this year and rededicate ourselves to the Tel Yehudah community, we don't have to look farther than our own backyard to witness miracles.

Tel Yehudah has lit up the faces of tens of thousands of campers in our 63-year history.

Some of our 2011 Parents shared:

"I feel like TY allowed our son to feel part of something that is much bigger than himself...TY set an example and exemplified the strength of the movement, its leadership potential and various ways of expressing ones Judaism that does not necessarily rest solely on religious practice."

"TY's major strength is the continual reinforcement of Jewish identity, the building of friendships and the focus on Tikun Olam.  The camp provides a positive environment for teens to be themselves and become secure in who they are as both a person and as a Jew."

 "Tel Yehudah offers a challenging rigorous environment, where the bar is constantly raised, and the opportunities for success are many."

 "Being able to provide an environment where the kids are proud of being Jewish.  Being able to interact with other Jewish kids who come from the former Soviet Union and who are not ordinarily active in Jewish life.  Great activities that get more challenging every year and are geared towards kids who are growing up and who are able to handle increased challenges.  Varied activities from active to artistic designed to develop well-rounded individuals.  Great Job!!"

 "One of the first things [our daughter] said on the trip home was I love Shabbat at camp.  If you're looking for a Jewish experience for your child, what's better than that?  She loved the people, the trip, the activities...and came home happy and sharing a million stories."

This Chanukah, we are thankful for the miracle of camp and look forward to our 'oil' burning for generations to come!
From the Tel Yehudah family to yours -
Chag Chanukah Sameach
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