Reflections on Israeli Politics and Culture: A Podcast from Three TY Alumni

The Promised Podcast

Many overseas observers seek an insider's grasp of the day-to-day in Israel, beyond the headlines of The Jerusalem Post and the English HaAretz, or the occasional article in The New York Times or The Jewish WeekThe Promised Podcast, project of the new applied Israeli thinktank Shaharit, brings together three old friends from their Young Judaea youth movement days, who reflect on the events of the week and bring unique perspectives on Israeli politics and culture.

Our regulars are:

  • Dr. Eilon Schwartz, Founding Director of Shaharit, Lecturer at Hebrew University, and Director of the Heschel Center for Sustainability;
  • Don Futterman, frequent contributor to HaAretz, blogger for +972, and Israel Program Director of the Moriah Fund;
  • Dr. Noah Efron, Sr. Fellow at Shaharit, former city council member of Tel Aviv, Huffington Post blogger and Lecturer at Bar Ilan University.

They and their occasional guests will bring you news about Israel and their insight into what it all means.  The Promised Podcast is available to download on ITunes or to stream on the Internet.

The Young Judaea Connection

Born and raised in the United States, Don (Machon '75), Eilon (Year Course '76) and Noah (Year Course '77) were active members of Young Judaea, and collectively spent 20 summers at Tel Yehudah, as chanichim, madrichim, and merakzim.  They remember those days with great joy and mild embarrassments.

What is Shaharit?

"Shaharit is an independent think-and-do tank, the first in Israel to offer a fresh take on the Israeli reality, breaking down the dichotomies between left and right, Arabs and Jews, religious and secular, privatization and welfare, center and periphery -- in order to break out of the stalemate of current Israeli political thinking.  Shaharit is engaged in deep thinking about the fundamentals of Israeli political life, and seeks to reframe many of the central issues which plague the Israeli politic for at least a generation through an open conversation with individuals and groups throughout multicultural Israel.  After a two year learning process traveling the country, we are now finishing six founding documents, outlining a vision for Israel's future, which will be presented in the winter months.  We are simultaneously launching a host of projects aimed at expanding the dialogue with ever-increasing circles of Israeli society, and translating our vision into initiatives that can change Israel's political values."

Tel Yehudah does not endorse any specific political positions or parties within Israel but we invite open discussion and debate about issues facing Israel and the Jewish people.  So listen to the podcast and join the discussion below.

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