TY 2011 Highlights

First Day- Hugging and Excitement General Peulot- cooking during studio time Group of kids- Chug shot in Rikkud Pavilion General Peulot-painting in evironmental studio Low Ropes-boy swinging on rope Gardening-boy works in garden
Rikkud-girl dancing and smiling Sports-soccer2 AlumimNYC-three girls by bus Saturday night rikkud-two girls face each other and scream Saturday night rikkud-three boys dancing Saturday night rikkud-three girls with arms up
Noah Wilker-boys with arms up Noah Wilker-standing and swaying Noah Wilker-girls clap Landscape-Garden General Peulot-beard General Peulot-Hadracha Tikkun Fair3
General Peulot-Hadracha Tikkun Fair2 General Peulot-Hadracha Tikkun Fair General Peulot-alumim independance Genearl Peulot-working on the the gaga pit2 General peulot-spider web activity High Ropes-kid waves while walking on wire

TY 2011 Highlights, a set on Flickr.

Check out all of the great moments from summer 2011 at Tel Yehudah. See you in 2012!

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