Tel Yehudah Unveils a New Schedule and All New Second Session Programs

We are very happy to announce a new camp schedule and a brand new set of innovative and exciting programs for Second Session.  While in the past our first session and second session programs have been basically the same, we will be greatly distinguishing the two sessions starting in summer 2012.   Our traditional, high-quality programs, Alumim, Yachad and Hadracha, will be back during a longer first session (four weeks).  Second session (three weeks) will consist of a jam-packed set of new and specialty programs designed to meet the growing diverse needs of our campers. Below is a description of each of these new second session programs:

Kfir (rising 9th graders): Kfir focuses on learning about Jews and Jewish life in the modern world. Campers will explore recent Jewish history and the current reality and challenges of the Jewish people in both Israel and the Disapora. Highlights of the program include an extended hiking and rafting trip as well as a one-day visit to New York City to explore the history and current experience of American Jews.

Bonim (rising 10th graders): Bonim engages campers in the current culture, people and reality of modern Israel. Campers will participate in activities and experiences designed to deeply connect them with Israel and view themselves as potential participants in the ongoing building of the Jewish state. Bonim campers will also participate in a daily Ulpan, a hands-on, informal and fun way to learn Hebrew. (Hebrew groups will be divided based on language proficiency.)  Highlights of the program include the performance of a play entirely in Hebrew and Special Interest Week, where all participants choose one of our challenging four day trips such as backpacking, biking, kayaking or volunteering. (No previous Hebrew knowledge necessary.)

Sayeret Olami: International Jewish Leadership Institute (rising 11th graders): Campers in Sayeret Olami will be recruited from the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom and around the world to create a community of Jewish teen leaders and activists. Like Hadracha, Sayeret Olami aims to develop campers’ leadership skills, such as public speaking, marketing, and programming, and provides a more sophisticated understanding of social responsibility and principled leadership.  Campers are pushed to prioritize today’s most pressing global issues, organize around one issue of importance, and design an effective plan of action to achieve social change globally by acting locally. The highlight of Sayeret Olami is a trip to Washington, DC and New York City to advance their issue through participation in both the American and global political processes.  Campers will engage members of the US Congress, visit the United Nations and campers’ home country embassies, and meet with prominent NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) relevant to their groups’ issues.

SPECIALTY PROGRAMS  (Second Session Only/Enrollment Limited)

Solelim (rising 10th and 11th graders): Solelim provides campers the opportunity for exciting outdoor adventures while learning about environmental issues through a Jewish lens. Campers in Solelim will participate in extended kayaking, biking and backpacking trips as well as tzofiyut (Israeli scouting) activities.  The program will also include hands-on environmental learning in the backdrop of the beautiful Delaware River Valley, where Tel Yehudah is located, along with discussions and debates on contemporary questions of environmental and Jewish values.

Tzedek: Alternative Summer Break (rising 10th and 11th graders):   Tzedek is a unique program for Jewish teens that will take participants out of the everyday surroundings of Tel Yehudah and immerse them in an entirely different environment to engage in intensive, hands-on community service, youth leadership development and experiential Jewish learning that is both enriching and transformative.  Campers will learn about community issues, participate daily in hands-on service projects in the local community and New York City, and leave with a deeper commitment to making the Jewish values of social responsibility (achrayut chevratit), social action (tikun olam), and social justice (tzedek) a part of their everyday lives.  Campers in Tzedek will be eligible for community service hours.

Havurah Хавура(Компания) (rising 9th-12th graders with Russian Jewish heritage): Havurah provides an opportunity for teens from the North American Russian Jewish community explore and deepen their relationships with Israel, Jewish traditions, and Jewish culture and identity through their own unique ancestry.  By the end of the program, participants become aware and appreciative of the fact that they are a part of a strong and vibrant Russian Jewish community, a larger American Jewish community, and develop a taste for ongoing exploration of their own heritage.  **Prices listed do not apply, as Havurah is highly subsidized.

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