Help Us Bring Israeli Teens from the Negev to TY

I wanted to share with you the following email I received just before Pesach from the mother of an Israeli camper who was at TY a couple of summers ago:

I am writing to you to find out about scholarships available for 2 Israel girls from the Negev for this summer.

Two summers ago my daughter from Arad, Israel spent a wonderful meaningful session at Tel Yehudah.  Until now she corresponds with her American friends and meets them when they visit Israel.

That is why she highly recommended the program to her girl friends who are presently in the ninth grade, at the age of 15.

Both girls are fluent in English, they are members of the Israeli scouts youth movement and will become counselors next year. They are excellent in sport, and very dedicated to their training.

Lehavim, where they live, is a small community in the Negev which located within the range of the missiles that are unfortunately shot towards us lately, only recently their school was directly boomed and luckily no one was hurt.

The girls are looking forward to participate in Tel Yehudah program this summer, preferably in the second session, since studies in Israel end on June 20th.

I believe they will both be an asset to the programs, especially in terms of representing motivated Israeli youth from the periphery. The program will enable them a "time off" the daily anxiety, living within the dangerous radius as well as enriching them with Jewish and community values.

Please do your best to grant them with scholarships, either directly from camp or from any source you can recommend in Israel, which will enable them to take part in the program.

Thank you and Chag Sameach

Since this email, I received a similar request for two more Israeli campers from the Negev who also live in range of missiles fired from Gaza.

We have a unique opportunity as the Tel Yehudah community to work together to impact the lives of these Israeli teens living in such a vulnerable situation. We would like to bring all four of these teens to Tel Yehudah this summer.  Besides the critical importance of helping these teens take a break from the anxiety in which they live, Israeli campers always enrich our program and bring our American campers closer to the realIsrael.

As our existing scholarship funds have been stretched thin this year, I am asking you to make a contribution to a special fund created just for these Israeli campers.  We are committed to bringing them to camp and we are hoping to raise enough money to cover most of these campers’ tuitions.

So please join me in making a contribution today by clicking on this link. We have three easy ways to donate online.  You can also send a check to:

Camp Tel Yehudah
50 West 58th Street
New York ,New York 10019


Either way you make a donation, please include in the memo line: Israeli Camper Scholarships 2011.  (If we raise more funds than necessary, we will use these funds in the future to help Israeli campers come to TY.)

Thank you very much in advance for sharing in our commitment to the people of Israel and Tel Yehudah.

Shabbat Shalom


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