13 Things I Learned at TY

Thirteen things I learned in 4 weeks at Tel Yehudah When our teens come home from a summer at Tel Yehudah, in many...
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Feeling The Impact of My Camp Family

Family. A word that can be interpreted in many different ways. To me, I know I have one family in the states, my...
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Camper Blog Alumim - Naomi Meyer

From Sprout to TY: Exceeding My Expectations By Naomi Meyer, Alumim
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Closing Ceremony Speeches - Hamamah

Yonatan Hanin Hamamah (Havurah)
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Sophie's Tudo Bom First Session Highlights

Armed with her Go Pro and the hottest song to hit TY, Tudo Bom, Alumim camper Sofie Paterite gives us highlights of...
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