Camper Blog Alumim - Naomi Meyer

From Sprout to TY: Exceeding My Expectations By Naomi Meyer, Alumim
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Camper blog Hadracha - Gaby Rub

Throughout the school year, you get my take on Tel Yehudah, my perspective on the interests that sprout, the...
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Is Your Teen Ready to Cook Shabbat Dinner?

Maybe you are one of those families for whom cooking is a house-wide activity, where kids grew up chopping apples...
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Ba’Mitbach—Young Chefs in a Jewish Kitchen

In our teens’ quest to gain independence, self-sufficiency in the kitchen counts. While their taste for PB&J and...
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Teaching Teens about Shabbat

When our kids were young, celebrating Shabbat might have focused on wrestling them into nice clothes, cooking a...
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